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Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story

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     Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story was released in May 2010 by Scratching Shed Publishing, a British House, and launched with great fanfare at the International Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in June. Noted sportswriter and broadcaster Bert Sugar not only wrote the Foreword but helped present the book onstage with Ron.

     The response of both boxing fans and those readers of insprirational books has been most gratifying. From the press release:

"Absorbing....Toft has done an admirable job of marshalling the facts of Lyle's often troubled, but strangely compelling life...."
                              - John Exshaw, Boxing Monthly

"Ultimately, Candace Toft has crafted a story of hardship and triumph. This is a tale that shows how a man is defined not only by his losses, but by his many victories in life, as well as in the ring."
                              - Bert Sugar, Author, My View from the Corner

"Toft did her pugilistic homework....Purists have responded favorably to all of her work....Toft 'really got it right.'"
                              - Alan Russell, North County Times

"This is not just a boxing biography, it is a story of heartbreak, serious mistakes, the chance for redemption and ultimately love. A great read about a great man"
                              - R.F. Bowman,

"A brilliant book."
                              - Steve Bunce, BBC London

Link to my interview on BBC London with sports commentator Steve Bunce.
Link to review in Denver University Magazine.

"How do we reconcile this soft-spoken, gentle man with the toughest heavyweight who never won the title?"

     In a life as tough and brutal as his bouts, Ron Lyle had already served hard time for second degree murder before he started his amateur boxing career. Afterwards, he was the supposedly thrid-rate fighter who had Muhammad Ali beat for ten rounds in the title bout; the guy who fought George Foreman in a brawl with four knockdowns, known in boxing lore as "The One For the Ages"; and the guy who was arrested for murder a second time.
     Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story not only explores the era of the greatest heavyweights in workld boxing history, it tells an equally compelling personal tale. Ron Lyle grew up in the Denver projects, one of nineteen children in a religious family. Aged 20, he was convicted for a disputed gang killing and served several years in the state penitentiary, where he learned to box before he was paroled in 1969. After a meteoric amateur career and an executive pardon, he turned pro in 1971 and over the next six years established an outstanding record in the ring.
     Then, in 1978, Lyle was indicted for murder a second time and, even though he was acquitted, his career was effectively over. The years that followed were filled with struggle, a captivating love story and ultimate redemption. Today, he runs a youth center in Denver that bears his name.
     Off the Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story is the poignant, uplifting biography of a singular man.

Released May 2010 in Great Britain, Format: Paperback, ISBN 9780956252623
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